Guide for Authors

Dear authors, you will find comments from the reviewers by logging in to your ISDRS 2017 ExOrdo Dashboard and by clicking on the "View my Reviews" to-do. Please take these comments into account when preparing the final version of your abstract, if changes are requested.

Authors are also invited to submit a full paper (optional). Full papers will have an additional review process. Either way you can register without submitting a full paper.

The ISDRS 2017 proceedings will have an ISBN number and be published via the ISDRS website. Proceedings will be available to ISDRS members as well as delegates to ISDRS 2017 conference and authors retain the copyright of their contribution.

Shortly after the Conference, and independent of the conference proceedings, authors will be encouraged to submit to one of the following leading indexed peer-reviewed journals, within special issues foreseen as an output of the conference: Journal of Cleaner Production, Sustainable Development, and Revista de Ciencias Ambientales.

Full papers and revised abstracts are due by April 15 April 21, 2017.

Authors who submitted a full paper will be notified on the decision by May 5 May 12, 2017. Any changes on your full papers required by the reviewers must be submitted by May 15 May 19, 2017, in order to be included in the proceedings.apr

The conference will have a special recognition for the best three papers presented.

Instructions for accepted submissions (to edit or confirm the final abstract or full paper):

  • Log in at the ExOrdo system and check your dashboard.
  • Click on "View my reviews".
  • Click on the respective title of each submission to see the reviewers comments.
  • Go back to your Dashboard.
  • Click on "Upload Final Draft". This will lead you to the workflow menu to upload your final submission.
  • You will see this instructions.
  • Click on "Start workflow" and follow the next 3 steps. In these steps, you can edit your abstract per your reviewers' comments.
  • In step 3 we require you to submit your paper. Please read these instructions carefully:
    • If you are submitting a full paper please use this Word doc template file to create your paper. Once your paper is ready, save it as a PDF, and come back to your dashboard to upload it. Only the PDFs will be accepted. Please use the following file name convention: Track Number_Last Name of First Author_Paper_Final (e.g. "1a_Annan_Paper_Final.pdf").
    • If you are NOT submitting a full paper please amend your abstract as per the reviewers' comments, and in Step 3 upload this empty pdf file - this is important as the system need this to prepare the proceedings and will not allow you to finish until you do this.

For more details about how to submit your revised abstracts and full papers in Exordo, please follow this link:




A poster is an alternative to the oral presentation of a paper. The poster allows authors to create a self-explanatory document, but the authors should be available to interact with viewers and answer questions. It is a highly successful form of communication when it considers the needs of the public and the authors. Posters allow more time for authors and viewers to discuss the topic, more personal interaction and exchange of professional experience, ample question time with focus on your subject, and the potential for continued display of the poster at your workplace.


Each poster presenter is assigned one space on a flat panel. Only works that have been accepted through the review process can be displayed on-site.

Poster dimensions: A1 series A - Portrait 594 x 841 mm

Please print your poster using sustainable materials (e.g. recycled paper, paper with FSC certification).