Please ensure you have read and understood the information and conditions outlined on the Pricing & Information page.

ISDRS members receive a discount on the registration. This discount is higher than the fee for a membership. Become a member here:


How to register?

Watch this video tutorial of the process! (You can make the registration while watching the video and save time).

...Or follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have an account in the ExOrdo system:
    • If you are an author (already submitted an abstract), a track chair, or a reviewer, you already have an account! Make sure to use the same Email address used for submission or reviewing. If you are unsure of this, please contact us.
    • If you have not signed up yet in the ExOrdo system, please create a new account.
  2. Sign in to the ExOrdo system following the link at the end of this instructions.
  3. Once into the ExOrdo system, hit the button "Register to Attend". (At the top-left of the page).
  4. Select your category fee. Please make sure you have read the Pricing & Information page and you know which category fee applies to you.
  5. Select whether you are attending the socials, the sustainability tours, or the PhD Workshop. The system will show the final amount to pay. Hit "Continue".
  6. Insert whether you have any dietary or special requirements, the details to be printed on your delegate badge, and your address, city and country. Hit "Continue".
  7. The system will show you a summary of your registration. Insert a "Billing Email address" only in case someone is paying for you, otherwise leave it blank.
  8. Click on the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions and hit the button "Pay by Bank Transfer" EVEN IF YOU ARE PAYING WITH CREDIT CARD. Everyone must click on this button to allow the system to continue properly (it is a system restriction).
  9. That is all to do in ExOrdo.
  10. Immediately, you will receive a confirmation Email with your an INVOICE NUMBER and a summary of your registration.
  11. You must reply to that confirmation Email, changing the subject to include your INVOICE NUMBER (e.g. "REGISTRATION No. 0018"). In that Email please send us the information requested to receive the instructions for payment. It will be like this:
    • Invoice number
  12. We will reply to that Email with the details to make the transfer or with the link to the credit card payment system.
  13. Once you make the payment, reply again to us with a copy of the receipt or a screenshot of the payment. And that is all!



To register, sing in to the ExOrdo system:

(You will be re-directed to the ExOrdo system)



Please note:

  • ISDRS Green Members Must copy-and-paste the "Conference discount code" in the ExOrdo registration first page, when selecting the fee category. (You can find this code after you log in to:
  • Remember to hit the "Pay by Bank Transfer" button to correctly finish the process in ExOrdo, even if you are going to pay with credit card.
  • Reply the confirmation Email that you will receive after finishing the process un ExOrdo, changing the subject to include your invoice number.
  • Non-OECD and students must attach a letter of their head of department or any document where their status is proven when replying the confirmation Email.



We have created a dedicated Email account for registration purposes only: Please quote your INVOICE NUMBER in all correspondence. Your invoice number will be send to you in the confirmation Email, after completing the process in ExOrdo. This number is your main reference for the process.