Sustainability Tours


After the great experience of the Conference, we invite you to get in touch with the natural ecosystems near Bogotá, where specific groups of the region have sustainable activities to preserve the territory. All the sustainability tours are on Saturday 17th of June, the lenght of the tour can change. 


National Park - Chingaza  Sold out!!!

Chingaza 1

Chingaza 2

Difficulty: High Sold out!!!

Description: The Chingaza Natural National Park is a natural and cultural treasure of central Colombia, the magic of its mountains keeps secrets and thoughts inherited from the Muiscas and Guayupes, indigenous peoples who protected this territory, as well as from peasant communities that inhabited the region Less than 40 years ago. At present, it is a refuge of fauna and flora of the Andes that reveal to the visitor the secret of life. Its predominant ecosystems, high Andean forests, sub-Andean moors, are refuge of majestic relics of fauna and flora. It can contemplate the magic of the "paramo" ecosystem in its totality, next to 3 lagoons of glacial origin, of the first one of it was sacked the raft Muisca that represents the ceremony of "El Dorado".

Sold out!!! 

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For more information: Read , it is not going to be same same tour but a pretty similar one. 

Estimate time: Saturday 17th from 6 am to 4 pm.

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Cerros Orientales Bogotá (Eastern Mountains) 1 - San Francisco

San Francisco 1

San Francisco 2

Difficulty: Medium

Description: The eastern mountains of Bogota (cerros orientales) are one of the most key component of the ecological network surrounding Bogotá. They can reach altitudes near the 3200 meters. Monserrate is one of the most famous landscapes of the city. The eastern mountains, despite their beautiful landscape and biodiversity have suffered from enormous pressures of both legal and illegal settlers to urbanize them. The friends of la Montaña (Amigos de la Montaña) is a NGO that gather hikers who are interested in favoring the public use of this important reserve of the city. We offer two different hikes: i-) Camino de San Francisco in the center of the city that ends in the Von Humbold Institute the main research institute of biodiversity of the country where we will have a conference and ii-) Quebrada la Vieja/Las delicias which offers beautiful landscapes, and a passage through what was an "illegal"settlement in Bogotá, today a neighborhood where residents will tell us their sustainability stories. For both hikes you need to be in very good physical conditions, it will last from 3 to 5 hours and. we will start from the University at 8 a.m.  In both tours we will offer a delicious traditional Colombian food.

Estimate time: Saturday 17th from 6:45 am to 3 pm.

Environmental, Ancestral, Rural, Urban and Cultural Interpretation Tours of the Territory of the Half Moon of the South. San Cristóbal- Usme- Ciudad Bolívar-Sumapaz Bogotá. 

Usme 1

Usme 2

Difficulty: High


Environmental, Ancestral, Rural, Urban and Cultural Interpretation Tours of the Territory of the Half Moon of the South. San Cristóbal- Usme- Ciudad Bolívar-Sumapaz Bogotá.

The tour will go to the following stations listed, with talks about historical, environmental, social, cultural, rural, environmental and territorial contextualization, as well as exposing and approach to heritage and social resignification of the territory:

1. Universidad de los Andes.

2. Parque Ecológico Distrital de Montaña Entrenubes.

3. Usme Centro- Pueblo

4. Hallazgo Arquologico Usme

5. Embalse la Regadera.

6. Represa la Regadera.

7. Vereda la Margaritas

8. Laguna de chisacá- Los Tunjos

Estimate time: Saturday 17th from 6 am to 5 pm.