Themes and Tracks

The conference is organised around the ISDRS core themes and tracks. Special tracks are added specifically for the 23rd ISDRS conference.

Below you may read the call for abstracts and the info of chairs and co-chair for each track of the ISDRS 2017.

You can submit an abstract for an oral presentation in one of the following tracks, as well as a proposal for a poster presentation.

Submissions must be in english, the Conference will be held in this language completely.

ISDRS 2017 Special Tracks

Special tracks for the 23rd ISDRS Conference

0a Sustainable development in post-conflict countries

0b Indigenous, afro, and rural communities involvement with sustainability

0c Art & sustainability

0d Water governance

0e Economic instruments and policies for sustainability

ISDRS 2017 Core Themes and Tracks

Theme I. Sustainable Development Science

1a Sustainable development science: fundamental concepts (definitions, fundamental concepts and methodologies, including integration, modelling, complexity and uncertainty)

1b Sustainability assessment and indicators

1c Role of academia (advocacy and education in sustainable development science)

Theme II. Ecosystem Pressures and Limits

2a Biodiversity, ecosystem and ecosystem service challenges

2b Food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture

2c Resource exhaustion (fossil fuels, minerals, water, timber, atmosphere)

Theme III. Climate Change and Energy

3a Climate change: predicting impacts

3b Mitigating climate change (prevention and energy efficiency / biomass for energy / wind, solar and other renewables)

3c Climate change adaptation strategies (preparing for sea level rise, flooding and droughts)

Theme IV. Sustainable Land Use & Sustainable Cities

4a Sustainable land use policy and planning

4b Sustainable communities, landscapes, cities and regions

4c Sustainable transportation

Theme V. Sustainability: Transitions and Innovation in Organisations

5a Corporate sustainability strategies (and sustainable entrepreneurship)

5b Corporate social responsibility and investment (CSRI)

5c Innovation for Sustainable Development and Transitions to Sustainability

5d Design for sustainability (Eco-Design, C2C, product service systems)

5e Circular economy, industrial ecology (resource management and sustainable regional economic development)

5f Sustainable value chains and trade

Theme VI. Society, Quality of Life and Sustainability

6a Global equity (including transfer to the global South)

6b Quality of life and sustainable development

6c Social sustainability: impacts, threats & opportunities

6d Lifestyles and consumer behaviour

6e African perspective on the old and new world challenges for sustainable development

Theme VII. Institutions and Governance Structures for Sustainable Development

7a Local and regional governance (institutions)

7b Global governance (after Rio+20)

7c Advocacy & public participation

7d Rethinking the fundamentals of economic systems

7e Legal aspects of sustainable development

7f Collaborative Governance for sustainable development