Pricing and information

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Fee categories

Early bird fee*

Regular fee


(non-ISDRS member)

Regular from OECD countries

€ 510

€ 610

Regular from non-OECD countries

€ 360

€ 460


€ 360

€ 460


ISDRS member from OECD countries

€ 400

€ 500

ISDRS member from non-OECD countries

€ 300

€ 400

ISDRS member student

€ 300

€ 400

Track Chairs

Track chair (ISDRS member) from OECD countries

€ 300

€ 400

Track chair (ISDRS member) from non-OECD countries

€ 250

€ 350

Track chair (non-ISDRS member) from OECD countries

€ 410

€ 510

Track chair (non-ISDRS member) from non-OECD countries

€ 310

€ 410

Nanjing University Staff

20% discount

Organizing Committee

Keynote speakers

Attended < 0.5 day









* Early bird fee deadline: February 28 March 21, 2019


** Anyone can become a member. Please note that you save money by becoming an ISDRS member because the discount is more than the membership fee. To discover how to become an ISDRS member visit


Registration includes:

  • Materials.
  • Proceedings (electronic book with ISBN). Abstracts and Papers will be included in the proceedings only if at least one author has registered and paid the registration fee. One registration (any category) covers maximum two (2) papers. 
  • Attendance at sessions.
  • Attendance at the welcome event (Wednesday, June 26) 
  • Attendance at the closure event (Friday, June 28).
  • Lunches and coffee breaks.
  • Special discount for the attendance at the pre-event.
  • pre-event Conference Dinner, 25 June 2019.
  • ISDRS Conference Dinner, 27 June 2019.
      Does not include
  • Sustainability tours (for the additional fee check HERE).

Registration and payments

Registrations and payments are to be made via an online registration system. 

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Follow the complete instructions: "How to register?"

Registration is open

Cancellation policy

A cancellation fee of € 180 will be applied for conference registrations cancelled until May 13, 2019. After this date, no refunds can be issued. If your category fee is lower than the cancellation fee, no refunds can be issued.


Insurance, including medical cover, travel cover, and expenses incurred in the event is your responsibility. Please discuss insurance cover with your travel agent when booking your travel.