ISDRS 2019 Core Themes and Tracks

1. Sustainability and science

1a. Theoretical approaches

1bResearch methods and methodologies 

1cAssessing sustainability

2. Education

2aProvision, quality of and access to education

2bEducating for sustainability

3. Biodiversity and ecosystem services

3aLife on land

3bLife below water

3cEcosystem services

4. Climate change & Energy

4aPredictions and responses

4bAffordable and clean energy

5. Production, consumption and innovation

5aCorporate sustainability and CSR

5bDesign for sustainability

5cCircular economy & innovation

5dValue chains & trade

5eSustainable consumption and consumers 

5f. Environmental attitude

6. Sustainable cities and communities

6a. Urban systems innovation

6b. Nexus relations and dynamics 

6c. Urban resilience

6d. Smart urban and regional transformation 

6e. Healthy cities/ communities

7. Social-economic aspects of sustainability 

7a. Global inequality and poverty

7b. Employment and good work

8. Social foundations of sustainability

8a. Gender, inclusivity and human rights 

8b. Health and well-being

9. Governance, power and institutions and weakness of SDGs

9a. Peace and security

9b. Scale of governance

9c. Public participation and role of stakeholders: sustaining resources for the future

9d. Legal aspects of sustainable development

10 Regional Specialism

10a. African perspectives on sustaining resources for the future

10b. Sustainability & China

11. Closing material loops 

11a. Ecological civilization

11b. Material flows 

11c. Recycling