5a. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Track chairs:

Arun Sahay. Birla Institute of Management Technology, India. arun.sahay@bimtech.ac.in

Romana Rauter. University of Graz. Graz, Austria. romana.rauter@uni-graz.at

Sjors Witjes. Institute for Management Research, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. s.witjes@fm.ru.nl  

Goals and objectives of the track:

Companies are important actors in any kind of (un-)sustainable development. Given this central role, different concepts and frameworks have been developed to support companies to integrate sustainability issues into their business activities and to measure the success of such initiatives. A central objective of this track is to discuss corporate sustainability management (including strategies, business models, and entrepreneurship) in relation to its effects on Sustainable Development. This track offers a forum to discuss about recent developments, results as well as ongoing transdisciplinary research activities in the fields of sustainability management, sustainable business models and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Following main questions are of interest:
- What is the contribution of sustainability strategies, business models and sustainable entrepreneurship to Sustainable Development?
- How can strategies and business models be implemented, both in companies and in a network of companies?
- Are current sustainability management approaches and strategies a sufficient contribution to Sustainable Development or are there limitations (for instance relative vs. absolute sustainability performance) which should be taken into account?
- Which factors support or hinder the implementation of sustainability management approaches, strategies and business models in business practice?
- How can manager deal with trade-offs between economic goals and environmental/social goals?
- What is the role of leadership and organizational culture for sustainability management?
- Which frameworks and tools support sustainable entrepreneurship?
- How can corporates themselves become sustainable in the wider context of people, planet and profit?

Themes and topics
We encourage descriptive as well as explanatory contributions and invite contributions that specifically, but not exclusively, deal with the following topics:

  • Sustainability management/CSR and sustainability strategies: experiences, developments, barriers and actors
  • Sustainability management/CSR and Resilience
  • Strategic sustainability management
  • Leadership and sustainability management
  • Sustainability management and organizational culture
  • Sustainable business models
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Sustainability Actions and Behaviours