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Sustaining Resources for the Future

The International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) is pleased to announce its 25rd annual conference to be held on June 26-28 in Nanjing, China; hosted by Nanjing University!

Call for papers

Deadline is December 15, 2018

Deadline extends to January 15, 2019

Registration is open soon.


General theme

Sustaining Resources for the Future

Within our theme "sustaining resources for the present and future", this conference will explore the fundamental question of how to sustain current development without stripping the resources that the future need, including biological resources, mineral resources, as well as a well-functioning ecosystem. How could the academic progress in sustainable development be translated into a workable plan for action through a dialogue between scholars and stakeholders? This conference would like to create such an exchange opportunity among conference attendees, decision makers, policymakers, and private sectors.


This conference will explore the challenges and opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle the resources to realize a sustainable present and future. At the same time, the conference will examine the possible mechanisms through which global society could work together to realize sustainable development.


We invite contributions on the resource-oriented researches, ranging from investigation of resource utilization patterns in the continued developing world and its impacts on the Earth natural and socioeconomic systems to creative solutions to the problems induced by resource utilization of the growing global population. This conference will serve as an open forum for diverse intellectual discourse on these topics, focusing on identifying practical guidelines toward a sustainable future on the local, regional, and global scale.



The ISDRS 2019 aims to have a positive impact on the search for sustainable solutions, through the following main objectives:


  • to illustrate the significant gap between resource demand and supply and its serious concequences in future if society fails to figure out and in addition, carry on an effective way of using all the resources sustainably;
  • to bring  together  the  enthusiastic scientific experts, scholars as well as practioners from all over the world sharing their most recent research findings, practical experiences and unique insights; to provide a global platform for promoting and strengthening the scientific and practical collaborations around the world and to develop a conference programme that reflects the diversity within the research of strategies and solutions to sustaining the resources for the future.

The Nanjing University warmly welcomes all the participants of the ISDRS 2019, with the hope to create a pleasant communication platform; the delegates will share their researches, approaches, findings and innovative ideas on the strategies and practice of sustaining the resources for the future. We hope that ISDRS 2019 will provide a contribution to advancing and disseminating the effective strategies to solutions to build a sustainable world.